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Grado Labs Introduces the GS3000x: A Revolution in Sound

Grado Labs announces the release of our latest flagship headphones, the GS3000x. Building on the success of the previous GS3000e, the new GS3000x features our largest and most powerful driver yet. This 52mm driver, an upgrade from the 50mm driver in the GS3000e, is designed to enhance performance with a more powerful magnetic circuit, a voice coil with reduced mass, and a reconfigured diaphragm for lower distortion and improved efficiency.

The GS3000x headphones are crafted with a combination of cocobolo wood and a metal inner chamber, chosen for their acoustic properties and durability. This design not only delivers superior sound but also maintains the elegant aesthetic Grado is known for. The new model also includes an improved 12-conductor braided cable and updated headbands, ensuring both durability and comfort.

What Hi-Fi? has praised the GS3000x for its "brilliant sonic performance," highlighting the headphones' detailed, fluid sound and articulate midrange. According to their review, the GS3000x offers "one of the most articulate and musically cohesive performances" they've experienced at this level.

The GS3000x is available for purchase now without Balanced XLR Connectors, and can be ordered with Balanced XLR Connectors​.

For more details on the GS3000x and to read the full review by What Hi-Fi?, visit What Hi-Fi?.

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