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Grado Labs SR80x Review: TechRadar’s Take on the Iconic Headphones

We are pleased to share the latest review of our SR80x headphones, published by TechRadar. The SR80x, part of our new Prestige X Series, continues the legacy of the beloved SR80 model, renowned for its exceptional sound quality and affordability.


TechRadar's review highlights several key improvements in the SR80x, including the introduction of our fourth-generation X Drivers. These drivers enhance the audio experience by offering greater efficiency, reduced distortion, and a more dynamic sound profile. The headphones also feature a new durable 8-conductor cable and a redesigned headband for increased comfort during extended listening sessions.


According to TechRadar, the SR80x headphones deliver "a crisp, detailed sound with a lively, engaging character." The review praises the headphones for their clarity and precision, especially in the mid and high frequencies, making them an excellent choice for a wide range of music genres.


TechRadar concludes that the Grado SR80x maintains the brand's signature sound while incorporating modern upgrades that make it a standout option in its price range. They recommend the SR80x for anyone seeking high-quality audio performance without breaking the bank.


For more details on the SR80x and to read the full review by TechRadar, visit [TechRadar](

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