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Our Visit to the 2024 High End Show in Munich

In May, the team from V2point0 (South East Asian distributor of Grado Headphones) had the pleasure of visiting the prestigious High End Show in Munich. The event was hall after hall of excitement and innovation, with an overwhelming array of high-end audio gear on display.

The fantastic weather in Munich added to the charm of the event, allowing us to enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere, delicious beer, and schnitzel in between our time at the show.


One of the highlights of our visit was the opportunity to meet Richard and Matthew Grado. Richard Grado, COO, along with Matthew Grado, who serves as the Vice President of Operations, were there to showcase some exciting new prototypes and discuss the future of Grado Labs.


It had been quite some time since we last met the Grado family. Our previous visit to their lab in Brooklyn was before the pandemic. Reconnecting with them in Munich was a great experience and allowed us to catch up after many years working together to get Grado headphones into the hands of South East Asian consumers.  We got to delve deep into discussions about headphones, new technologies, and the exciting future that lies ahead for Grado and some great new limited editions that are in the pipeline. Stay tuned for more information on these exclusive releases and be prepared to experience the unparalleled sound quality that Grado is renowned for.


We hope not to wait to long to hear some more news about limited Edition Grado Headphones for the end of 2024, and we am predict that the next release will become some of the most sought after Grado headphones in world.


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