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Grado Sonata 3 Cartridge

Grado Sonata 3 Cartridge

The Platinum3 and Sonata3 models use a modified four piece OTL cantilever technology achieving a 10% tip mass reduction over the Prestige series and ultra-high purity long crystal (UHPLC) oxygen free copper wire in the coils. The Platinum3 model uses Grado's specially designed elliptical diamond, and the Sonata3 model uses Grado's specially designed nude elliptical diamond.

  • Specifications

    Body: Australian Jarrah Wood

    Cantilever: Aluminum / Elliptical Diamond

    High 4.0mV @5 CMV (45)
    Low 1.0mV @5 CMV (45)

    High Output 55mH

    Low Output 6mH

    High Output 660 ohms
    Low Output 70 ohms

    Input Load: 10k-47k ohms

    Cartridge Weight: 9 grams

    Tracking Force: 1.6-1.9 grams

    Compliance: 20μm/mN

    Channel Seperation: Average 30db - 10-30k Hz

    Controlled Frequency Response: 10-60 KHz

    Non-Sensative to Capacitative Load

    Builds: High Output, Low Output, Mono

  • South East Asia Availability

    The Timbre Series of Cartridges are available for custom order in either HIGH OUTPUT or LOW OUTPUT versions. They are also available in HIGH OUTPUT or LOW OUTPUT MONO configurations. Please contact and enquire about the lead time to delivery.

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